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Jun 16, 2020

Getting back...

Covid Actions by the Club and Team Officials
  1. WEFC to send FA guidelines, summary and Q&A to all Managers/Coaches.
  2. Managers/coaches to read FA guidelines and confirm they have read and will follow the guidelines.
  3. Managers/coaches to send summary to parents/carers and ask for written consent that they understand training and matches can take place.
  4. Managers/coaches will be sent hard copies of the summary to keep with them.
  5. Managers/coaches to send a test & trace form after all sessions and matches with details  of all coaches/assistants & players attending training.
  6. Parents, when they sign up to WEFC, will have to tick a box to confirm they have read FA Guidelines.
  7. WEFC will place a statement on their website  of the FA guidelines.
  8. WEFC will fill in a club Risk Assessment.
  9. WEFC will host  Zoom calls to help with best practise and Q&A.
We are happy to support queries from coaches but only once guidance has been read and the risk assessment attempted.
Stay Safe
WEFC Committee