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Jul 21, 2018

Football did come home after all ...we are BBFA charter standard club of the year!!!

Report from Robin Gofton..
Everything that we have to do routinely as part of our “health check” would have been looked at – it was an award for “Charter Standard Club of the Year”, so I’m sure the health check will have been looked at.
In addition, the things that were mentioned in the awards speech that set us apart from other nominations included:
  • The size and scope of our teams – the fact that we have over 500 members, from age 6 upwards, boys, girls, men and women, with a clear pathway from youth football into senior football
  • Special mention was given to Dave Goodwin’s DNA document, that it gives a clear vision for the club, our values, how we coach and look to develop players – think it would be well worth sending put to all the coaches again at the start of the new season
The speeches were short and to the point. It was one of the categories that had the highest number of nominations, but I think the way in which Dave in particular goes the extra mile (with the DNA document, and in the relationship he has with BBFA in hosting CPD events and so on) probably helped our case enormously and set us apart from others.